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Custom Training Programs

Recently sign up for a race? Get the most out of your preparation with an NX training plan. Unlike other training plans that focus on exercise, NX training programs cover both nutrition and exercise, so you'll be fully prepared!

All plans are customized based on your needs. After purchase, we'll send you a short questionnaire to help us understand your needs - how much training time you have, your current level of fitness, and your goals for the event.

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Running Training Plans

Whether you're running a 5K or a marathon, the NX Running training plans will help you finish the race happy and injury-free!

  • Comprehensive plan that includes both nutrition and exercise
  • Designed to challenge both beginning and advanced runners
  • Hit your race time goal, avoid injuries, enjoy the run!

Train with Matt!

Mud Run Training Plans

Mud runs require a lot of upper body strength to push and pull past obstacles. Our Mud Run training plans build stamina and strength.

  • Circuit training helps you develop the required upper body strength
  • Comprehensive program that includes nutrition and exercise
  • Have a blast while hitting your goals, avoid injuries, and getting dirty!

* Long distance runs are those over five miles

Train with Matt!

Triathlon Training Plans

Triathlons are challenging because you have to develop three kinds of endurance. Our NX Triathlon training plans help you train with balance.

  • Get a balanced training program for running, bicycling, and swimming
  • Everything you need to train and dominate the triathlon
  • Hit your race day goal, avoid injuries, enjoy the run!

* Long distance triathlons are those longer than olympic distance