How it WorksGet Fit Fast at Home!

Get your dream body at home or on the road in less than 30 minutes a day - we've got the best guarantee in fitness to prove it!

"NX is fitness on the go."

Nutrition and Exercise

NX is everything you need to get fit. We don't make you struggle to figure it out yourself, it's all here in a proven, comprehensive program.

Guaranteed - Or You Get Matt!

On top of a 14-day guarantee, Matt is so sure you'll love your results that he will work with you personally if you aren't happy after 8 weeks.

Less than 30 Minutes a Day

It's hard enough to eat right and exercise. NX challenges take less than 30 min/day, on average. Get fit, and get on with your day!

NX is for Every BODY

Whether you're a fitness rookie or veteran, NX has fun and engaging programs for every BODY. Start slow with Habits, or rev it up with Revolution!

NX is Portable & Easy

All you need for our challenges is an internet connection. Access the challenges from your smartphone or laptop while you're on the road!

Become Unstoppable

Your mindset will determine whether you succeed or fail. That's why a big part of NX is dedicated to helping you develop an unstoppable mindset!

Breakthrough with our fun, educational, inspiring home workout challenges.
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NX Success Stories

  • Look Healthier & Younger

    "In just 30 days, I felt great, had more energy, and received compliments from friends and family that I looked healthier and younger. This program has really stuck with me."
    Megan M., West Hills CA

  • Great for Busy People

    "NX is well-suited for a busy traveling professional. What I really liked was the streaming video makes the program portable. I highly recommend'll love the results."
    Andrew W., Los Angeles CA

  • Fun & It Works!

    "I learned so much. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to shake up their fitness routine and try something fun and challenging that actually works!"
    Jennifer L., Washington D.C.

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