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Want a Productive, Loyal Workforce?

Research has shown that unhealthy habits at the office are a major cause of depression, burnout and turnover.1 A great wellness program can help create a loyal, productive, and enthusiastic workforce.

NX Workplace is a fun and entertaining four-week office challenge designed to boost morale and get your employees happy and healthy. Whether employees participate individually or compete on teams, fun and entertaining activities will make them more productive and enthusiastic at the office.

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Today's the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Proven Program for Workplace Wellness

NX Workplace is quickly establishing itself as the go-to workplace wellness program. With fun and entertaining workday challenges, the competitive dynamic boosts workplace morale while introducing your employees to a host of easy-to-implement get-fit tactics. Focus on your health and fitness for a month and you'll be amazed at the lasting results.

Four Weeks That Will Change Your (Office) Life

NX Workplace is a four-week challenge that has been carefully crafted to get maximum enjoyment and engagement from employees. Every workday, participants get new challenges that can be completed quickly and help them begin living a fit and healthy life. By the end, participants will have an arsenal of fun, easy, and effective get-fit tactics.

NX Workplace is a fun, morale-boosting office challenge for busy people
who need a convenient, unintimidating way to get back in shape.


100% Guaranteed Matt Richter-Sand

NX Workplace comes with a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee. I know you'll be thrilled with the challenge, but if you're not for whatever reason you can get a full refund during the first two weeks.

This challenge comes with personal support via email, so if you have any questions about any of the challenges, or are having trouble breaking through, I will will work you personally! That's right, you and I will work together to figure out how to get you in the best shape of your life!

How can I offer such an amazing guarantee? There are two reasons: First, NX Habits (and our other programs) are that good. Check out the testimonials throughout this site and I think that you'll agree that the results are impressive. Second, my favorite part of NX is working with clients anyway, so if you hit a plateau that you just can't figure out, or hit a wall that you can't get around, let's figure it out together!

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Daily Workplace Challenges

Participants receive new get-fit challenges designed for the office every workday during the four-week program. The challenges are carefully curated to create positive health and wellness change. By the end of the challenge, morale will be sky high as your workforce will be happier and more productive!

Coaching, Education, & Inspiration

Along with every challenge, employees will receive videos and educational materials to help them understand why they're doing the challenges. Rather than catch fish for them, we teach them how to fish. In the videos are a bunch of tips and tricks on how to incorporate the habits into their work and home lives effectively.

Form Teams & Make It a Game!

While employees may elect to do Workplace as individuals, most companies form teams that compete against each other over the four-week period. Teams get points based on the challenges and daily check-ins. The game is hosted on our website where players can see who's in the lead and have fun with the competition!

Comprehensive - Nutrition AND Exercise

You can't be fit without activity, and you can't be healthy without good nutrition. That's why we called our company NX, as it stands for Nutrition AND Exercise. The habits you'll form are comprehensive, covering everything needed for a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Private Fitness Forum

A private forum is setup for each company that participates in NX Workplace. This forum enables participating employees to help each other by offering advice, support, and asking questions. The NX team is also active on the forums to help people get the most out of the program.

Personal Support From Matt & NX Team

In addition to the seminars, you'll get unlimited email support from Matt and the team at NX. If you have any questions about any of the challenges, or want to troubleshoot any roadblocks you're running into, you can email Matt at any time and he'll get back to you immediately.


Company wellness programs typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. With NX, you only pay for the employees who actually participate. Take a look at what NX Workplace would cost compared to other wellness programs:

  • $57 Per Employee* Pick This Plan!
  • Less than 20 minutes per
    day while at work!
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • NX goes anywhere
    there's internet!
  • 14-day money-back guarantee!
Typical Wellness Program
Program Cost
$20,000+They're Expensive!
Location of Activities
2+ hours per workout
away from work
Program Includes
Exercise only
You must be at the office
and go to the gym
Usually without guarantees

* Volume discounts are available!


You can get started today completely risk free! If for whatever reason you don't want to continue with it, let us know and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

On top of the 14-day guarantee, don't forget that we've got the best guarantee in the fitness business. If you're not happy with your results that Matt will work with you personally. What have you got to lose?

I know this program is going to work for you. It comes with the unbeatable guarantees because I want you to be just as certain before you sign up.

Get Started Today!

This is a great program and a great value. I highly recommend you give NX a shot...you'll love the results!
-Andrew W., California

Questions? (310) 400-6382


  • Look Healthier & Younger

    "In just 30 days, I felt great, had more energy, and received compliments from friends and family that I looked healthier and younger. This program has really stuck with me."
    Megan M., West Hills CA

  • Great for Busy People

    "NX is well-suited for a busy traveling professional. What I really liked was the streaming video makes the program portable. I highly recommend NX...you'll love the results."
    Andrew W., Los Angeles CA

  • Fun & It Works!

    "I learned so much. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to shake up their fitness routine and try something fun and challenging that actually works!"
    Jennifer L., Washington D.C.

Questions? (310) 400-6382

More Success Stories

Below are just a few of the NX reviews on Yelp. Individual results will vary, of course, but you can expect similar results by following the program strictly.

Fun Home Workout Program for Busy Moms

The NX program is a challenge worth taking! In 30 days, I felt great, had more energy, and received compliments from friends and family that I already looked healthier and younger. The workouts are tough but really rewarding. Best of all, they're portable. You can do them in your living room or on the road if you travel. The site provides ample encouragement along the way. I've unsuccessfully tried to get back into exercise since having twins two years ago, but this program has really stuck with me. Plus it's fun to participate with friends to support, cheer and challenge one another.
-Megan M., West Hills California

Effective Portable Workout Program on the Road

This is a great program, and well-suited for a busy traveling professional. NX has a much stronger emphasis on the nutritional aspect, which has made a strong and lasting impression on the importance of nutrition. No doubt the workouts will kick your ass for both strength and aerobic conditioning. What I really liked was the streaming video makes the program portable and the complete reliance on your own body for the workout without any extra equipment. I highly recommend you give NX a shot...you'll love the results.
-Andrew W., Los Angeles California

NX is Better than Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig

I just finished the 30-day program and it was awesome!! Before I did it I was in decent shape, but overweight, and losing hope that I could ever get my old body back (after trying many other programs. But NX is amazing! You work on exercise and eating right in fun and challenging ways. You learn about all aspects of being fit, and you can start it from any fitness or weight level. It's truly for anyone who wants to improve her/his health and life. Go for it! You will not regret it! :)
-Jeri L., Culver City California

Get Fit With Your Friends

My friends and I had a great experience doing NX together! Each of us got noticeable results within the 30 days of the program, and we couldn't wait to start it again and keep our momentum going. The program guidelines were so helpful in setting us up to succeed, and we used each other for moral support and encouragement along the way. The daily challenges were awesome and pushed us to do things we probably wouldn't have thought of doing, and I learned so much. The team accountability and conversations were an amazing support. I definitely want to keep going with NX and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to shake up their fitness routine and try something fun and challenging that actually works!
-Jennifer L., Los Angeles California


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