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Jenn from FitBottomedGirls Spills the Get Fit Goods!

Matt interviewed Jenn, co-founder of FitBottomedGirls, to get her best tips on how to look and feel great. She spills the goods in this fun interview.

Be sure to check them out at Jenn also teaches online classes at FBG Life.

Nutrition Tips

  1. Listen to your hunger. Sometimes we notice when we're really hungry, but a lot of times we eat without checking in with ourselves. Be more in tune with yourself and the cues that your body is giving you. You'll learn a lot about how much food you actually need.
  2. Treat your life and your food like a fun experiment. Don't track your calories or fat grams, but write down what you ate and how you felt, i.e. "I ate _____ and I felt bad…and I ate _____ again and felt bad, so maybe I shouldn't eat that anymore."
  3. Start your day with 20-30 grams of protein. Don't get up and just have carbs or sugar – it will set your body and brain chemistry up for bad choices throughout the day.

Exercise Tips

  1. Beginner tip – DO ANYTHING THAT GETS YOU MOVING. Even if it's standing or walking, it doesn't have to be a crazy workout, there are still a ton of benefits that come with being a little bit active. Build a habit of something you like to do. Whether it's dancing in your living room to Queen for 10 minutes, do that every day until it becomes a habit and then think, "What else could I do?" Once you have those habits incorporated you can take it to the next level and keep increasing your intensity. Don't start too big too quick – this is called "yo-yo exercising", where you go really big right away and you get injured or so sore you can't move, and you're turned off to exercising all together.
  2. Intermediate tip – Breaking out of your comfort zone is a must. Don't be afraid to lift heavier weights, do a move that you don't think you can do. It builds confidence. I couldn't do a pull-up, but I worked at it for a year and now I can do it, and it's like "YEAH!" Take things that you're not good at, and work at them so you can shine.
  3. Advanced tip – Don't get burnt out and don't over train. Working out becomes addicting, however doing more can turn into doing less. Respect your body and make sure that you aren't training at a high intensity level all the time. Don't be so regimented – listen to your body and rest when you need to. Work out at a moderate or low intensity a few days a week.

When Did a Client Implement Something Simple and See Changes?

I teach classes called FBG Life, which help teach healthy habits. I've had girls come into the 8 week program that were straight up addicted to Diet Coke. I used to be one of them, and I get it! I've helped a lot of these girls overcome their Diet Coke addiction simply by helping them break up with the "all or nothing" mentality. You have 3 Diet Cokes a day? Have two sips less of one per day, and keep working at it. It took some of them 6 months to get off Diet Coke, but they did and now they're hydrated because they're drinking water instead.

If you are one of those people who wants to quit cold turkey, find something to replace it with, otherwise it creates a void. For example, if you love Diet Coke, replace it with sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea – anything in the right direction that won't make you feel like something is missing.

What is the Biggest Roadblock?

People tend to not learn from their mistakes. They screw up, they eat poorly, they work out, and then they use that behavior as a reason to justify why they suck and why they're never going to get in shape and lose the weight. This internal dialogue kicks in and adds fuel to the fire of them thinking why they're not good enough. Instead of seeing slip ups as a terrible thing that they're never going to overcome, I try and teach them to think of each step as a new day. What can you learn from this? So you ate a bunch of donuts at 3pm. What did you eat for breakfast and lunch? Did you get in a fight with your boyfriend or boss? Were you eating out of comfort? What can we learn from this and do instead when we feel that way again? How should you change your morning eating habits so you don't get those cravings later in the day?

What is the single fastest thing that you could do to get fit?

Fitness: Increase your intensity – push yourself harder than you think you can.

Nutrition: Eat off of a plate and eat sitting down. Bring a level of mindfulness – enjoy the process of eating. Look at your food. Take time and care and send love to your plate of food. Be grateful and appreciative that you have food. I do an exercise with my girls where I give them a very small square of dark chocolate, and give them 5 minutes to eat it. It's a meditation, and teaches them to focus only on what they're doing and eating.

Matt Richter-Sand, NX Founder & CEO

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