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5 Things We Learned About Longevity In 2012

Cook At Home

A recent survey of residents of Taiwan over the age of 65 found that those who cooked up to five times a week were 47 percent more likely to still be alive 10 years later. Researchers found that simply cooking at home more frequently can add years to your life.

Healthy Cooking

It's Never Too Late To Start

An advanced age is no excuse to give up on healthy habits! A 2012 study showed that exercise, eating right and avoiding harmful habits like smoking helped people 75 or older live 5.4 years longer than their less healthy peers.

Hour of Exercise = 11 Hours of Life

There's nothing new about the fact that exercise helps us live longer. But a recent study did take a closer look at just how powerful regular activity really is: The study found that for every additional hour of exercise that a woman gets, she can gain 11 hours of lifespan.

We Already Know What To Do

What you need to do to live a long and healthy life isn't a secret -- things like not smoking, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. So what's missing? Most people lack motivation and inspiration. Just a little more than 1 percent of American adults actually follow the guidelines, but they enjoy a 51 percent decreased risk of death from any cause.

Look At The Bright Side

In the same study on aging, optimism was linked to living longer. The 243 subjects over the age of 95 "were outgoing, optimistic and easygoing. They considered laughter an important part of life and had a large social network," study researcher Dr. Nir Barzilai, M.D., director of Einstein's Institute for Aging Research, said. So laugh hard and add years to your life :)

Matt Richter-Sand, NX Founder & CEO

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